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Intelligent Cockpit Solution

Industry-leading intelligent cockpit solutions, integrating practical and stylish instrument panels, a rich variety of in-car applications, and AI functionalities tailored to your needs, including facial recognition, fatigue monitoring, gesture recognition, voice recognition, 360-degree surround view, obstacle detection, and more. We aim to provide a safe, enjoyable, and immersive travel experience for users.

Our intelligent cockpit product line covers smart cockpit domain controllers, displays, super docks, and driver-centric connectivity applications such as YF Link, CarPlay, CarLife, HiCar, CarLink, Android Auto, and more, meeting the diverse needs of our customers.

  • In-Car Display

    Utilizing full lamination technology, our display features an ultra-thin bezel, presenting a seamless, stylish black design. Customizable in size, it delivers exceptional display quality with high resolution, brightness, and contrast.

  • Smart Cockpit Domain Controller

    Powered by the Qualcomm 8155 cockpit computing platform, our solution integrates robust audio, video, and AI processing capabilities. With extensive peripheral expansion options, we offer highly integrated cockpit solutions that consolidate digital instrument clusters, infotainment, AI, and vehicle control functions into a single SoC. We aim to create a comfortable, technologically advanced, and digital mobile space.

  • Super Dock

    Our super dock integrates multiple functions including ultra-fast charging, gaming console projection, AR/VR glasses output, USB storage, driver connectivity, and air conditioning control & display.

    Support 4x charging speed, gaming console projection and AR/VR projection.